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A Few Words About Me

Auburndale Technology is owned and operated by Gregory Boyce. Gregory is a Linux expert with 20 years of industry experience, and published author on Linux Networking.

Linux Expertise

Gregory has installed Linux on devices ranging from high end server grade hardware to a Cellphones. He is experienced with all major Linux distribution variations, and lead a team of Software Engineers managing a custom Linux distribution for 5 years.

Information Security

Gregory lead an Information Security team for two years, and has continued to be a trusted member of various security communities. This includes experience that touches upon PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory or standards board based compliance.

Design and Strategy

One of Gregory's biggest skills is the ability to learn and understand the interdependencies of large complex systems, and redesign them to meet the needs of the business rather than the existing constraints of the system. How can we help you be more effective?

Dapper Greg


Technology Services for Local Business and People

Static Web Hosting

Free hosting of static webpages for local businesses.

Dynamic Web Hosting

Budget Public Cloud services for local business. Reasonable flat rates, and available expertise in the entire stack.


Let me use my skills to make your business more effective and cost efficient.

Movie Solutions for Home

Let me help you digitize your movie collection. This can allow you to watch any of your movies without finding the discs, as well as allowing you to more easily share your movie collection with friends and family.


E-mail or Phone are best.

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